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Apple Valley, MN, is a town with 75,000 residents; it’s famous for its popular attractions and friendly atmosphere, with plenty of outdoor activities. Still, most residents and properties have one or two damaged or junk cars sitting in their driveway, front yard, or garage, tainting the aesthetic appeal of their outdoor space.

If it’s a car involved in an accident or a truck you’re tired of fixing, whatever the case, you can get paid for it here in Apple Valley, MN. US Junk Cars Buyer pays top dollar and offers free towing of any damaged, old, or junk vehicles to residents of Apple Valley, MN.

Our process is simple and seamless; here’s how it works – we ask you for basic information about your junk vehicle, such as its model, make, and year; you’ll also inform us about the location of the junk, damaged, old, and non-working vehicle, so we can send our tow truck to pick it up.

Once we have the necessary information, we’ll provide an offer. If you accept it, we’ll schedule a convenient time to come for pick-up and pay you cash right there.

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US Junk Cars Buyer – How Our Services Benefit You

1. Make Extra Cash

Selling off that junk car in your garage or front yard helps you handle your household bills and financial worries.

You can use the cash for whatever you want rent, groceries, or other essentials, Or even take the family out. We make the process quick, seamless, and transparent. Give us a call and get a free cash offer today.

2. More Space In Your Yard Or Garage

Having one or two junk or damaged cars in your yard takes up space you could use for other important things. Selling it to US Junk Cars Buyer creates space to do important things.

For example, you can use the free space to park a new vehicle, store equipment, or add a pool table.

3. Free Towing

One significant benefit of selling your junk vehicle to us is that you don’t pay any fees for towing because we offer free towing of your junk vehicle.

Most people avoid selling off their old, wrecked, or damaged vehicle because they fear they will have to pay for towing, although most junk car removal companies do that but we are an exception; we offer free towing

4. Be Able To Buy A New Vehicle

You need a new vehicle, truck, or SUV to run your day-to-day activities without worrying about breaking down. Selling your junk vehicle to us helps you top up to purchase a new one.

Your junk car may not give you the exact amount you need to purchase a new vehicle, but it’s a good starting point.

Are you tired of waiting for private buyers to purchase your old, junk, wrecked, burnt, flooded, or damaged vehicle? Don’t wait for too long. Contact us today for more information about our services in Apple Valley, MN.

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